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partnering with venues & Brands

Following some very successful years from Dramnation’s launch to now, we are once again in the processes of partnering with more venues and brands wanting to create engaging social experiences and events. Become part of our network of fine spirits appreciators in The Hills and greater Sydney.

Venues we are particularly interested in partnering with but not limited too are Small Bars, Pubs, Cafes, Restaurants and Fine Dinning establishments as well as onsite private and corporate functions.

Whisky, Spirits and Cocktails make up a dynamic part of everything we do. Working with brands to deliver market foundation is a core element of how we educate about spirits. We want to hear, trial and potentially position brands that fit our curated experiences.

What we can bring to the table:

• Professional presentations and whisky education
• Curated supplied spirits
• Brand engagement
• Interactive sensory experiences
• Whisky infusions and menu pairings
• A high level of attention to detail and organisation
• Bringing a focus on venues back bars
• Event photographic coverage for Social media interaction

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Build a venue partnership

Venue partnership is where the magic happens. Working with dramnation we bring everything that is needed to host a spirits event that will be memorable and amazing. Our aim is to have our audience walk away from a venue with a positive outlook and an experience that makes the want to return.

Dramnation can deliver stand alone events where we bring all the goods from the whisky right through to the complementary paired tasting boards. Alternatively we can work with your bar and kitchen to combine an experience that highlights what makes your venue unique. Cocktails, spirits, food infusions and paired menus combined with our curated whiskies is just some of the ways we can work together.

Some of our classic tastings are:

• 3 for 3 Cocktail and Whisky Manipulations
• World Whisky Tours
• Classic Malts
• Southern BBQ Boilermakers
• Curated Whisky and Food Degustations

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Build a Brand partnership

Without the support of brands we could not be where we are today. Working from an education level our audience looks to experience both entry category whiskies right through premium limted products. Our whisky appreciation experiences give our audience a chance try before they buy while deciding for themselves what profiles they like and which whiskies fit their budget.

By taking our audience on a sensory exploration, we educate about products featured that meet our criteria for unbiased discussion. Often our events are themed to give focus on a particular products or styles while making it both educational, new, unique and enjoyable.

Dramnation wants to hear from brands wanting to get involved. Examples of past events can be found in our What's News section as well as some listed below:

Southern BBQ Boilermakers
Whisky Manipulations Hot & Cold
Smoke Stacks
Wine Cask Whiskies
World Whisky Tour Session 2
Made In Japan

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